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"Don't Tread on Me" from the Loco*Motion! Dance and Science show

Where am I from?

Born in Manchester CT, but raised in Fairfield Iowa, home and hub of the Vedic City, Maharishi International University, the Golden Domes, and the seat of the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation Movement.
New England....moving back to New England as a teen brings me roots and memories of Mother Nature in all her many facets. I live in the Woods by a glistening river and many, many green allies.

What else do I do?

I dance. All around the state and sometimes other states too. I perform in two modern dance-education shows called Loco*Motion and Storeography as well as other works by my dance partner and/or myself. I occasionally teach improvisational movement and choreography. For more information visit:

I study bees and Honey. I keep an electuary at home and hope to offer some herbal honies here someday soon. I love honey bees and look forward to a couple of years from now when I will be tending my own hives. Then I will be able to harvest and use my own beeswax - and of course - honey!

I love Pottery. I plan also to be a potter in my Wise Woman Years, so as a novice I adore it whenever possible and hope to make a collection of ceramic Honey pots before I am 36.

I journal. I love to write and keep a journal of my herbal experiences and sometimes of my real life. But mostly I journal my recipes and healing formulas. You will see some of my work in my herbal recipe diaries if you decide to purchase one.

Why the name Amrita Apothecary?

Amrita is a Sanskrit word meaning nectar. As a lover of honey, and a lover of aphrodisiacs, as well as a novice Tantrika, 'Amrita' seemed my kindred name,
and suiting for the type of apothecary which I create.

Who am I?

My name is Ananda. In sanskrit it means bliss. I am a second generation Herbalist and a self taught Aroma-ist. I try as much as possible to follow my own bliss, and I stop to learn from my mistakes whenever possible. I am a lover of life, dance, plants, and the human body.  My career paths of dance, herbal medicine and sensual healing through my products weave together into a colorful tapestry along with my life as a mother and partner. I follow the path of Shamanic Herbalist, as well as a path of diversity as I intertwine the teachings of Native medicines, Chinese herbology, plant spirit medicine, and Ayurveda.
My background of herbalism started from birth through my herbalist/healer Mother, Lucy Mitchella,
and continued through more study with her as well as other renound herbalists such as Gail Ulrich and the wise woman ways that Susun Weed teaches. Attending Symposiums and Herbal Medicine Conferences as well as keeping my daily relationship with the plant world alive through use and simple ceremony, are ways that I continue to deepen my understanding of green medicine. I have accumulated over ten years of hands on experience and study of essential oils for emotional healing and skin care. I have over 14 years experience making herbal skin care products and herbal home remedies.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you will share my site with your friends too.



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