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Bees and butterflies collecting nectar my garden........


Here in this body are the sacred rivers;
here are the sun and the moon
As well as all the pilgrimage places.....
I have not encountered another temple
as blissful as my own body... 
~ Sahara ~

 Kiss Balm

My classic perfect lip balm, fresh herbal infused olive oil to protect and heal chapped lips, and the sensual tingle of real cardamom essential oil. thickened naturally with virgin beeswax and plumped up with creamy, chocolately cocoa butter.

lip tube couple...........$6.50

Crushed Rubies
~ lip and cheek glow ~

A blush of natural color with a vibrant ambrosia oil blend make this an everyday specialty. A subtle shade of natural sheer garnet matches and highlights all skin tones. Exotic and flirty! (for return customers; this was formerly 'kiss bliss' and 'garnet gloss' now yet another incarnation:) Especially lovely for young maiden's not yet old enough to wear dark makeup.

lip tube couple.................$6.50