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Second Heart ~ womb care herbal therapy oils ~ )O(
      Our sacred womb is the center of our many rushing waves of hormones, emotions, life changes and personal experiences. It is, quite literally, our second heart. The womb carries for us our life's blood, our children's life blood, and the mysteries and wisdom of our ancestors and of our cultures. While modern day schedules may not support monthly rituals of rest, bathing, or a women's moon lodge, we can still reserve time to ourselves for the sacred touch of massage and the restorative scentual experience of aromatic oils.
       This collection of aromatherapy uterine massage oils is offered exclusively here, made consciously by my own hands, with pure essential oils known for their ability to aid the female hormonal system, and blended into bases of my herbal infused oils. Vital Botanix is a favorite carrier of my essential oils. The Mugwort used here we wildcrafted on the full Moon. I truly hope you enjoy these oils, helping you connect to your roots and deep selves during your mysterious, beautiful, Moon time.   
                                            ~Blessed Be~

Full Moon ~Vetiver Spice blend~ Deep, woodsy and grounding, as well as spicey and warming. This oil blend helps to increase circulation, restore a low appetite, warm the pelvic muscles, and relieve tension. The choice for scanty periods and 'cold' cramps. Pure essential oils in my special base of herbal infused oils of Mugwort (full moon harvest), Damiana, Hops....                              1oz.............$13.00

New Moon  ~ Neroli Bergamot blend~
Two oils known for lifting gloom and doom emotions, this synergy is meant to aid premenstrual blues and uplift the whole body and spirit. Begin daily massage 5 days before expected flow. Pure essential oils in my special herbal infused oil base; Roses, Damiana, Chamomile....and others:)    
1oz .............$13.00

Blue Moon  ~Jasmine Clary blend~
A sultry, calming blend to help quickly releive uterine pain and aching in the hips. Jasmine, known for it's affinity to the womb, helps balance and calm, while clary sage buffers the nerves and calms emotions. Pure essential oils in my special base of herbal infused oils. A good choice for anger and frustration during or before flow.                                                       1oz..............$13.00  

Red Moon  ~Red Rose Frankincense blend~A synergy of feminine balance; an equisite blend to scent and nourish yourself during your moontime. Both oils help regulate the hormones and tone the uterus. Massage before or during your flow, or during ovulation as well! Pure essential oils in my special base of herbal infused oils.                                                    1oz................$13.00


White Moon~Yarrow Cypress blend~  A synergy to reduce excess flow and minimize fatigue. Astringent qualities to help reduce inflammed or weak capilaries, and aromatic qualities which can help reduce crying spells and leaking emotions. A choice blend for major life transitions. Pure essential oils in my special base of herbal infused oils to sooth the skin and spirit.                          1oz.................$13.00


~Second Heart Oil (purchase here)~

~Custom Blend Requests, please email me~