~The ceremonial act of crafting one's own self care unguents, potions, and earthly frangrant oils, demands an attention through which we can consiously affirm our self worth, deliberately inhabit our sensate bodies, and connect, in Gratidute, with our Mother Earth.
Crafting intentional synergies is a door to a green-hearted alchemical bliss.~

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......A collection of handmade herbals from a sensual approach......

Crock Pot Ginger Oil and Creating your BathWomb  Featured short articles by yours truly! Proactive herbalist Cori Young has been generous to have me come and contribute to her wonderful informative herbal website!

Amrita Apothecary's
Herbal Recipe Diary:
The unofficial compilation......
 75+ Recipes and directions,
*Comprehensive Methods
for Herbal infused oils,
Healing Salves, and
aromatic Handmade Creams!

  Booklett....... $22.00:

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How Do You Make?

~Flawless Aromatic Creams

~Facial Masks and Cleansers

~Healing Salves

~Herbal infused oils

~Herbal Honies

~Easy Herbal Aphrodisiacs

~Essential oil Perfumes of Sensuality

~and More~

Learn How and begin crafting with the Amrita Apothecary
    Herbal recipe Diary

At home and simple:

Milk & Honey Face Mask

One tbsp Raw Honey
One tbsp Buttermilk Powder
1 drops Roman Chamomile  essential oil

Mix into a paste and apply to dry face. Allow to work for twenty minutes, rinse warm.

Blue Moon Belly Rub
1 ounce Crock pot Ginger Oil
5 drops Frankincense
5 drops Roman Chamomile
5 drops Bergamot
5 Drops Rose