Herbal Infused Oils  and healing salves 
        ~~~~~~~simples and synergies~~~~~~~~

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In Ayurveda, herbal infused oil compounds are still called medicated oils. By this it is clear to me that the knowledge of plants as medicine and healing is far from lost, as my friends at essential oils jewelry friends will attest to at https://vitalbotanix.com. Regarding a daily herbal oil as medicine reminds me how valid the medicine of daily nourishment is. The food to our skin, and spirit , of touch, herbal nutrients, and aromatic calmity, is becoming even more vital in our isolatory world.
Our oils are handmade with highest quality natural and organic materials, with energy flow, and the verbal blessings of the greenwitch. Many say our oils are high in Prana, or life force. Some are simples and some are synergies, to suit the fancy of my Moon.

Joanswort marrying Solidago

Sambucus Nigra ~ Gypsy bush!



Gypsy Green Balm
An herbal ointment to please our foremothers!
Made from magickal and medicinal fresh plants, infused in oil, it's a balm for all ailments. Coat your hands before a day in the garden to help prevent overdry skin, or apply afterwards to quickly soothe and heal abrasions and sore hands. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and bug repelling. Non-photosensitizing. Our wild healing weeds remind us that we can thrive wherever we go, simply because the Earth is always under our feet.  Also a perfect gift for parents, travellers, and drummers! With pure essential oils.....
1 oz pot ..........7.00


Oh, Great Spirit,
I am the Woman
Walking in the fields
collecting plants to heal the people.
I give thanks to this plant
and I have faith with all my heart,
that these plants will heal the sickness of the people~

~Belizean Plant Gathering Prayer~

Pain Killer Salve
 My infamous Pain Killer Salve..... This warm, penetrating salve sinks deeply into sore overused muscles, stiff joints, or places of chronic pain, and helps to quickly melt away the ache. I use this all the time before and after dance rehearsals or performances to keep my muscles adaptive and supple, and to speed recovery. Many testimonies over the years have pledged praise to this most wonderful balm of releif. With infused oils that increase circulation, strengthen connective tissue, and reduce inflammation, and a synergy of potent essential oils to calm acute pain.  


Simple Healing Infused Oils
~Use straight or as part of your own cream or salve recipe.
Scroll down for drop-down ordering menu. $15.00 per 2 ounce bottle~
(Infused in Extra Virgin Olive oil)

White Sage oil: A sacred, spiritually protective and clearing oil. Desert white sage handpicked by Natives in California, this oil maintains it's energetic integrity, healing troubled skin or facilitating health through massage. Antiseptic and vulnerary, this is a lovely, aromatic, versatile herbal oil. One of my absolute favorites - you won't beleive how magical it smells.

Goldenrod oil:From the fresh blossoms of this golden, nectar bearing flower we have a superior arthritis soother and a wonderful bruise remedy. Empowered by the depth of the late summer sunrays the feel of this oil is like the warm solar energy. Some say it feels antidepressant and I would have to agree. The smell is naturally subtle and floral, and I can see why the bees take such a fondness to her blooming tresses.

Calendula oil: Very soothing to sensitive skin and mildly antiviral. A wonderful facial oil for combination or problem skin. Also a good addition to a soothing foot balm or a lip balm for cold sores. Especially healing for diaper rash. 

Wormwood or Chapperral oil: Highly antibacterial oils good for skin infections, yeast, first aid, and insect bites.

Mugwort Oil: A dreamy Artemesia infused oil for belly and breast massage, dream balms, or anytime you would like to invoke lunar energies.

French Lavender Oil: Pretty self explanatory :) The beautiful, gentle, healing properties of fragrant Lavender buds infused into oil for daily rubdowns or a pretty gift. 


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