" Ananda and Lucy's creams
are more than just natural creams.
They are positive intent in a jar."

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   Sacred Herbal Creams
          Every Moment is a Gift. That is why they call it the present.

Every time we annoint our skin we can massage in the thought that we are beautiful or we are ugly. Choose beauty. Paint your skin with the gift of nourishing thought, of touching consciously through love. Let your cream be a medium for love. A tangible uniting of thought and senses. Choose the cream that speaks to you in the language of touch.

Beauty appears to those
who allow themselves to
see it in unexpected places.
Once they do, it will never cease.
It will follow them,
like a flirting shadow.

 ~ touch ~ feel ~ breathe
 ~ move ~
sense ~ listen ~ grow ~ feed
~ eat ~
~ color ~ look ~ walk ~

~ share ~

White Sage cream....

Cardamom Tuberose 
            ~face cream~
A beautifully creamy whipped facial cream for any skin type. Gentle and emollient and only delicately scented with refreshing cardamom pure essential oil, a little bit of fine Tuberose flower concrete, and a balancing note of Rose otto. Whipped to perfection using a base of Gotu Kola and Lavender infused oils, Lavender hydrosol, Aloe vera gel, virgin cocoa butter and beeswax, and lots of love.
2oz pot.......$14.50

Lady's Slipper Orchid,
freely blooming in my Forest.
June 1, 2006


Calendula ~ Brahmi
~ Facial Therapy Oil ~
Herbal infused oils of Calendula blossoms and renound Brahmi leaf for a classic skin refining elixir. Like a fragrant morning dew for your face, this light but powerful blend ensures you calm, clear, beautiful glowing skin all day long. With pure essential oils including Mandarin, Lavender, Jatamansi, and Fennel.

Sandalwood ~ Ambrette
~ Facial Therapy Oil ~
A sultry, soothing, and rejuvinating herbal facial oil with Austrailian Sandalwood, sweet Ambrette oil, and a base of strengthening herbal infused oils including hypericum, and Chamomile.
10 ml ........$16.00