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"He really bathes In a large guilded tub, and steeps his feet
And legs in rich Egyptian unguents;
His jaws and breast he rubs with thick palm oil,
And both his arms with extract sweet of mint;
His eyebrows and his hair with marjoram,
His knees and neck with essence of ground thyme."
"Ask the wild bee what the Druids knew"


Lavender Valleyout of stock
Fill your morning with fields and valleys of aromatic French Lavender. The most beautiful essential oil with skin soothing mango butter and cocoa butter to pamper the whole family.
1 bar..........$5.00


Clementine ~ Chamomile Bar

~with unrefined shea butter~
An everyday bar that's both soothing and cleansing. Soft but deliciously fragrant with essential oils of Clementine and Tangerine, with freshly ground organic chamomile blossoms. Superfatted with pure, unrefined Shea butter from Ghana, this bar is extra creamy! 
Perfect for gifts!!
1 bar .......5.00

Rosemary~Basil Bar
Awakening and invigorating these two brain sharpening scents combine for a perfect morning shower. The beautiful green chlorophyll balances the skin and neutralizes odor. 
1 bar..........$5.00


Sweet Earth Bar
OOS Perfect patchouli-orange-clove blend with Honey, Red Clay, and Oatmeal. Our Favorite - get it while it lasts!!!!  1 bar ..........$5.50