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AMRITA; (n.) 1.Immortality; also, the nectar conferring immortality. 2.Divine nectar
3. (a.) Ambrosial, Immortal
VAJIKARANA ~ the science of aphrodisiacs~
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What we are about..............

Teaching the seasons and the senses to dance together. 
Watching the changes of the Self, as if your body were the earth herself. With her own moon, her own terrain, and her own natural fluctuations of beauty and power. The body of the plant and the body of the human co-exist in a symbiotic love affair. All we have to do is let it be so.
What you might want to know first..........

Offering my creations to the public is an extention of my passion and years of experience making all-natural, aromatic delights. I create what I am truely moved or guided to make and to share, harvesting herbs fresh according to Gaia's seasons and working with fine essential oils, fixed oils and butters. Becasue I lead from the heart and also from an economical standpoint, I may not have a product previously ordered, but rather something new or seasonal. My focus is not on repetition of product but repetition of beauty, health, and inspiration. So you may find new products here, made with full positive intention and the freshest, highest quality ingredients from an experienced herbalist. Come here often for new items, and one of a kind gifts for your loved ones. And if I am really crazy about something, it will be back again. I trust that my needs reflect the needs of the times, and that Nature's cycles are relevent to our own. My herbals are made especially to honor the feminine divine, and the unity of body-mind-spirit, through walking the Earthly walk.
So if you are looking for something special, please stay. If you are looking for something to repeat purchase at a high turn around rate, I'm not the business for you.

~In good Green Health~


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